Why Is #HousingDay On 13.11.13 Important To Me?

housinday screenshot

How many times have you struggled to explain to friends and family about what you do: working in housing?  Even worse, how often do you have to dispel some of the inaccurate myths pedalled via the mainstream media about our customers? And will the issues affecting our customers’ everyday lives be ever given balanced coverage?

We have to do something. Social housing accounts for one in six of all UK homes. Despite this, many of the fab things our front line teams do each and every day go mostly unnoticed. Most housing people will tell you that we haven’t been great at highlighting the impact our work has had upon people’s lives.

I always imagine people’s opinions are based upon photographs in their minds, usually of the last experience they have seen or heard. What #HousingDay offers is a real opportunity to update that photo and image for many people outside looking in.

This is why for me the #HousingDay concept is a ‘must do.’ We need to change the perceptions that exist.  It provides the opportunity to open the door to the fantastic work our people do and the big issues affecting our customers’ lives. And why working in #ukhousing is such a great career choice.

With just 549 days to the next General Election we need to chip away and build upon previous campaigns to make the case for housing. We can have a huge impact upon the health, wealth and wellbeing of the country.

#HousingDay on 13th November will offer a snapshot of the difference housing makes, through the shop window to the world social media now provides. We can learn and build upon the success of other similar days, the Local Government Association’s annual #Ourday tweetathon being the most noteworthy.

So come on #ukhousing rather than sitting back and telling everyone how no one understands us, let’s show the world what an impact we make each and every day.

Want to know more about how this came about or share what you’re doing? Then Adrian Capon at Yorkshire Housing is your person! http://yhcomms.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Why Is #HousingDay On 13.11.13 Important To Me?

    • Thanks Jacque and couldn’t agree more. Great to have you on board for what is hopefully the start of a long and successful campaign!

  1. I couldn’t agree more Nick but would add to this as well as the great things our staff do; it’s also about the great things our residents do.

    • Absolutely and my blog highlights the importance of the day to start to change the misconceptions that exist about our customers and their lives. Any examples we can gather than illustrate this will all help the wider cause!

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