Diving In

So here it is……my first venture into the weird world of blogging.

I’ve listened and learnt from some others I admire who are seasoned pros: Paul TaylorJules Birch and Colin Wiles all spring to mind.

So what’s stopped me from taking the plunge?


Well after months of arguing with myself I’ve finally got past the “who would be interested in what I have to say” and the “what if they don’t agree with me” phase.  Especially from those people whose views I really respect or more frustratingly those who hide behind some obscure anonymous Gravatar (a subject of a future possible blog).

Like the boy on the diving board I’ve decided to take my own advice that I give to others: “just be brave and take the plunge”.


So what can you expect to see me talking about? Well inevitably my love of housing does mean this will feature strongly. However I’m also hoping to combine this with what have been described as my “uber tech geek” tendencies to offer some views on where housing could move to.


Some of the topics on my initial ‘blogs to write’ list include:

  1. Email Is Dead: a subject many people know is close to my heart from previous articles and Prezis as well as some of the mixed coverage this has received
  2. Why have Tesco developed a £10,000 flat pack house?
  3. Anonymous commentators – lacking the courage of their convictions?
  4. The business case for a ‘Digital First‘ service offer
  5. The rise of Big Data in Housing: building upon the fab post by Matt Leach

So here I go. About to press the dreaded big red publish button.


Any tips, tricks or feedback are genuinely welcomed. And remember to please go easy on me………..

8 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. Looking forward to the business case for a ‘Digital First‘ service offer blog – now you have dipped your toe in, remember Nick, post regularly at least once a month! don’t let it get dusty in here….

  2. Impressed, Nick. I am a little way behind you having only just arrived in Twitter land today.

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